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Peter started photographing landscape & architecture when he was student. Since 2002 till now, he is perfecting his photography skills.


He is also known as BKK's Paparazzi. He is an award-winner photographer based in Bangkok, 1st prize, Portrait Of Thai Temples.

He started nude art parallel with portraiture, fashion, product and travel photography.

He is also founder of Red Photographers, gathering greatest international and most importantly creative photographers & videographers under a same roof to serve the clients better and make memories that last forever!



The street photography collection is what just happened during my classes and workshops. Most of them taken out side of Thailand.

The second photo, named "One Of Birds", the award winner shot.

Photos are varied in terms of camera, lens and editing technique. 

These are some of my huge street, architecture, landscape & night photography collections.

Film photography is what I first started. I started with very old cameras. Canon® and Minolta®. I started with expired films. Developing 35mm negatives became my addiction to the point that I flipped one of my rooms to dark room. It was when magic happened. I learnt lots of lessons from film. Film perfected my photography skills. Undoable process was the final finishing but I always polish it to let it shine. lenses are all prime lenses. Still film is what I carry around to get some goodness rolls of Ilford®, Kodak® or Fuji® done!



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